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Meet Heather

My name is Heather Nix. I have been married to my high-school sweetheart for ten years now, and we have three kids. I am one of those girls who is hopelessly in love with the Lord, my family, my church, and people and children in general! I have worked everywhere: I have been a sales associate at an opthamologist's office, a marketing assistant at a bank, a junior high school teacher, a realtor and now I am enjoying my most important job EVER-I am a stay at home mom!

My Journey of Faith is the most exciting, yet difficult, journey I think I will ever be blessed to experience. At times it has been more heart-pounding than any rollercoaster ride I've ever been on, and at other times it has been down right tough.

The only thing that makes it all worth it for me is the CONSTANT presence of the ONE TRUE GOD, my CREATOR and KING. I am still humbled and in awe of a love that covers all my sins. It blows me away that HE never lets GO of my hand....

Monday, April 2, 2012

Temporary Things

I feel hopelessly overwhelmed by all the day to day "to-dos" at times. I can clean my house top to bottom, and two hours later (or less) it is cluttered with articles of clothing, toys, you name it. In a busy household with three children, I am not sure why I am surprised!

I am trying to teach myself that a clean house is TEMPORARY.  Is it just me? Or do we all put to much pressure on ourselves to have a "perfectly spotless" house? I like to have all the laundry caught up, the refrigerator full of good things to eat, and clean bathrooms and floors. However, I know that those things are TEMPORARILY caught up. At best I can "maintain" them.

Lately, I have felt like these daily tasks have been robbing me of my precious time that I could be spending  with the Lord or with my children. I know that time invested in either of those relationships will never be WASTED. It's not that I am saying let everything else go to complete dismay, but I wonder if we just gave ourselves permission to let those things wait- how much more satisfied with our day would we be? I'm asking myself, mainly because I want to EXPERIENCE deeper relationships with the ones I love. I am sure that when I am meeting my Maker, He will not criticize me dust bunnies on top of the entertainment center. Nor when I am an elderly person, possibly without nearby family or fading health, will I ever look back and regret not keeping my hardwood shined. No one cares if the sink has a pile of dirty dishes. No one will remember that the clean laundry sat in a stack on the dresser for a few days. I believe the generation I live in struggles to resemble perfection and we want to control everything a little too much. I know I do. I need to regroup and prioritize my time so that these TEMPORARY things don't get the best of me!

I just thought I would share. I know I am not the only one that tries to balance all of the responsibilities that come with being a busy mom and wife, while trying to maintain order in our home. However, I do believe we need to encourage each other to give ourselves a BREAK! I want those in my life to feel like they can drop by anytime and so what it my house isn't clean. I would rather spend some time visiting with a friend than cleaning ANY DAY! I also want to be clear with the ones I love, I will NEVER judge you by your fruit loops on the floor!

Have a great week!

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